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Some Guild Member Profiles

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Jeremy Spencer - Fleetwood Mac guitar player joins the Guild. Jeremy was born in Hartlepool, County Durham. Known as one of the guitarists in the original line-up of Fleetwood Mac since Fleetwood Mac's inception in July 1967. Jeremy's speciality became the slide guitar and he was strongly influenced by the American blues musician Elmore James. Jeremy remained with Fleetwood Mac until February 1971. After a couple of solo albums in the 1970s,Jeremy continued to tour as a songwriting musician, but did not release another album until 2006. Jeremy's songwriting talents came to the fore on the album "Jeremy Spencer in Session" recorded in August 2005. Releasing further solo albums in 2012 and 2014. Jeremy Spencer has also recorded as part of the folk trio Steetley.

In the summer of 1967 Spencer came to the attention of ex-Bluesbreakers guitarist Peter Green, who was looking for another musician to join him in his new Fleetwood Mac project. Peter Green had recruited drummer Mick Fleetwood and temporary bassist Bob Brunning, and wanted a second guitar player to fill out the sound onstage. Jeremy Spencer was then playing with blues trio The Levi Set, and was already an accomplished slide guitarist and pianist. He fitted in well, and soon after his arrival Fleetwood Mac's intended bassist John McVie eventually joined.

This line-up of Fleetwood Mac recorded two albums of traditional blues songs, with Spencer contributing many variations on the Elmore James theme, particularly centred around James' version of "Dust My Broom", plus a few songs of his own. Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac brought in a third guitarist, 18-year-old Danny Kirwan, after 1968's album release Mr. Wonderful. This album featured several of Spencer's Elmore James tunes.

Jeremy Spencer was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 for his work as part of Fleetwood Mac. Music and songwriting wise Jeremy Spencer's sole recordings/releases are well worth buying

Arthur Kay 

Arthur Kay of Ska Wars fame joins the Guild - Arthur Kay's (aka Arthur Kitchener) first Ska records were released in the 1970s and these early recordings helped in starting the massive British Ska movement of the early 80s and have had an influence on Ska and Reggae bands ever since.

The Ska band The Originals have been Arthur Kays and the late Judge Dreads backing band since the 70s. Arthur Kay (Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar) has been playing and writing songs since he was at school in South London during the 1960s. Arthur fell in love with Ska music when he heard the classic Guns of Navarone by The Skatellites - one of the greatest Ska bands of all time. Eight years later and he recorded his first Ska single 'Ska Wars'. .

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Charlie Landsborough


Charlie has released a CD called "Ultimate Storyteller - The In Complete Studio Recordings 1992 -2007" available from Edsel Records or download / online stores worldwide.

For a complete discography, tour dates and biography visit Charlie Landsborough's website


Legendary Progressive Rock Band. Bram Stoker was formed in the summer of 1969 by Hammond organist Anthony Bronsdon, guitarist Pete Ballam and drummer Rob Haines who, as the founding members of Bram Stoker, then recruited bass guitarist John Bavin, all of whom were based in their south coast home town of Bournemouth, England, UK.

Bram Stoker reformed in 2004. Original members Anthony Bronsdon and John Bavin were joined by a new guitarist and drummer.

The current line up has been together since late 2015, rehearsing and composing new material. The band has 4 or 5 brand new tracks in various states of composition and recording. The plan is to release some or all later on this year. You can hear clips as they become available on the Media page to whet your appetite!

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